Kindergarten and Nursery School Equipment Checklist 

Kiddie Corner

The first day of school for a kid is quite scary. We must admit that generally, kids are not used to being separated from their parents or their guardians that a school environment where mom and dad cannot be inside the room is pretty scary for them.

Having to mingle with other kids, not bringing his toys with him, and following a set of rules are only a few of the things that make the first days and weeks in school difficult for your child. You have to be proactive in helping your child out by coming up with ways to make the pre-school bearable and fun for him.

As for the temporary caretakers of these children, their teachers and the whole institution itself, here are some equipment that you should have to keep children happy and safe while within the school premises.


Room air conditioner

Yes, this is something that you should buy first. If you’re putting up a pre-school or kindergarten educational entity, you must be sure that the kids will be comfortable inside their classroom. Buy air conditioning units to save them from the hot and humid weather in Singapore. Hire professional contractors as well who provide aircon servicing Singapore for residential, commercial, and educational establishments. 


Emergency Kit

Need I say more? Emergency kits with sufficient, if not overflowing, supply should always be present in every classroom. Kids, as we know them, are all hyper-active and a lot of things can happen when a lot of them are inside a single room. Should anything untoward happens, the teachers can rescue them right away using the emergency kit. It’s also noteworthy that emergency kits should be inspected and replenished regularly.


Alarm Systems

When a situation is too tough to be handled by the preschool teacher, proper medical attention and even transportation should be available right away. This could only happen when alarm systems are in place to be used by a teacher to signal the appropriate people in school to give the needed aid. Alarm systems of different kinds should be in place for other reasons as well, such as intruders or violent and unmanageable kids.


Decorated tables and chairs

On the topic of kids’ entertainment, it is imperative for kindergarten and pre-school institutions to have playful room equipment such as chairs and tables, to complement the nature of kids who study therein. These little ones are hard to discipline, but cute tables and chairs can help to make them stay, and to create an overall kid-appropriate ambiance inside the classrooms.


Educational Toys

A time to play is very vital in institutions like these. If you cannot stop kids from playing, then take control of the kinds of toys that they play with. There are so many educational toys available out  there. Explore your choices in this technologically-advanced day and age.


A lot of storage boxes

Did we say a lot? Yes, there should be. Two or three storage boxes do not seem to be enough for a class o
f 15 students. Make it five so the ids can have separate boxes for different kinds of items. If you have arts and crafts subject, then there should be a separate storage box for that. There must be a separate storage for toys as well. Imagine the variety of things that kids could be interested with and you’ll have the right perspective about the number of storage boxes they’ll need.

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