House Plants that will Improve your Indoor Air Quality Big Time

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How refreshing it is to see indoor plants displayed in different parts of your house. They bring a calming feeling that no other home decoration can give you.

Taking care of plants indoors is one of the trending hobbies for men and women alike. You’re not only adding a relaxing element to your home interior, but you’re also taking care of a living creature that makes you feel proud when it blooms to perfection.

But more than that, indoor gardeners know that it is a mutual relationship that they have with these plants. They take care of them and the plants, in turn, make their indoor environment healthier too. Some kills toxins in the air, while some releases oxygen all day round. This will be the ideal for the senior citizens in your household. So if you want to start growing plants inside your house, we recommend that you start with these ones.


LEt’s start with this adorable flowery plant called chrysanthemum. Just look at how its flowers bloom and how vibrant the colors are. But aside from the beauty it adds to your home interior, it actually cleans your indoor air by killing all the harmful chemicals, including ammonia and formaldehyde. They even repel insects that roam around you property.

Spider Plant

Nope, it does not crawl on the walls like a spider, but it’s called as such because of the unique arrangement of its thin leaves. They look like spider legs scattered around the pot in a circular path. Though it does not have pretty flowers, the indoor spider plant kills toxins such as VOCs that invade our homes when we use air fresheners and other toxin-containing home items.

Snake Plant

Another type of indoor plant that is ideal to keep is the snake plant. Although it isn’t one of those plants you’d fall in love at first sight because of its spiky leaves and upward leaf position, it has a unique capacity to emit or breathe out oxygen even as you sleep at night. Science tells us that generally, plants don’t release oxygen at night, but instead consume it. It’s a different case with snake plants, so you can expect it to take care of your indoor air even while you’re fast asleep.

Boston Fern

One of the best indoor plants for Asian households is the Boston fern. This kind of plant serves as a natural humidifier that restores moisture inside your house. There are certain factors why humidity fills our house, such as the outdoor air pollution that enters our house when windows and doors

In Singapore and other neighboring countries, the government has to tighten environmental rules in order to curb the negative effects of industrialization. By improving your indoor air quality, you can help the nation address this environmental issue.

With these additional decorations inside your home, you won’t only raise the beauty of your interiors a notch higher, but you will also maintain a healthier environment indoors. These plants will also help your cooling units work more efficiently and less harder.

Without these indoor plants, you can expect your filter to absorb all kinds of allergens and dirt that may require you to hire pros providing aircon repair services. But if you start with the journey of indoor gardening, your air conditioner will find a helpful partner in the form of nature.

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